Our Story

When we entered the skincare industry we saw a consistent pattern, brands would find a single "Hero ingredient" to focus on, because it was a simple way to tell a story and sell you a product. The idea for Madpenguin came about after not being able to find 100% natural products that would meet our impeccable standards. We realized that natural skin care model was broken and inefficient. The Skin care industry unfortunately is one of the biggest contributors to polluting the environment. So we decided to make our own skincare for women who should not have to choose between natural, effective, or Eco Friendly.

Madpenguin was founded with the F#ck the skin care establishment attitude .  We are a disruptive company that creates and sells safer , High performing skin care products. We operate on the fundamental notion that natural skin care can be as effective as traditional ones. Synthetic chemicals and fragrances that harm our environment have no place on our skin care products. Our skin care are made from 100% natural ingredients with-out nasty synthetics, parabens , PEG’s or SLS . Our methods of distribution allow us to tell our full story , educating customers about environmental health and exposure to toxic chemicals. We believe in transparency , in taking care of the planet , and we have a strong stance against animal testing and animal cruelty. At Madpenguin we create all our products with you in mind , not a herd of shareholders.