Rock Rose Essential Oil

Whenever we start to think about other plants and flower families reaching the top of the botanical beauty pyramid, the Rose family comes back to remind us who’s really sitting pretty at the top. Though Jasmine is regal, Ylang Ylang is fantastic and Blue Tansy is simply stunning, none of them compare to what the wide and magical Rose family has to offer. Beauty, happiness, meditation and calm are all fed and nourished by Rose’s sweet bright essence. Among these Rose variations is Rockrose, our more woody, deep and rich Rose essential oil offering.

What Does Rockrose do?

Rockrose—similar to other essential oils, like Frankincense and Myrrh—has a history of being used as a spiritual and meditative aid. It grows on a shrub native to the Mediterranean region of the world and was used in Ancient Egypt as incense and a perfume. In fact, the Rockrose plant was so revered the false beards of the pharaohs were steeped in the resin of the Rockrose.

While most Rose oils have a rather light and strongly floral aroma, Rockrose is deeper with notes of amber and leather to round out the sweetness and slight spice of what we all have come to associate with Rose. It is a fabulous oil to use for help when it comes to meditation and relaxation and makes a fine addition to other rituals and events with a ceremonial quality to them. It would make an absolutely fantastic addition to private label scent blends for perfume use as well as to add to private label skincare products.

In skin care, rockrose is used for calm, toned, tight, young and smooth skincare purposes. It is absolutely divine in anti-aging skincare aiming to be effective while also making the person using it feel like royalty. And its calm-inducing properties in aromatherapy make it a fun way to help combat stress.