Why Cruelty Free Ski Care Matters

Why Cruelty Free Skincare Matters

Every year thousands of animals are harmed or killed in the name of research and development for a wide range of beauty and skin care products. In the last few decades, demand for cruelty free products has grown exponentially, and is fast becoming the standard for consumers. As a consumer, it’s up to you to decide to go cruelty free or not. 

3 Reasons You Should Choose Cruelty Free Skincare

    1. Because it just isn’t necessary: Tests on animals, that were created decades ago, are simply outdated and in need of revamping. Thousands of cruelty free companies have proven it simply isn’t necessary to test your products on animals any longer. They have developed safe and human methods of testing their products that don’t include harming or killing animals. At Mad Penguin we are a proud cruelty free facility, committed to never testing or using any ingredient tested on animals. 
    2. It’s what customers want: The age of information has brought with it consumers who are becoming more and more informed and particular about what they do and don’t want. And they want cruelty free skincare products.

Order Your Cruelty Free RSL Products Today!

Mad Penguin is a proud cruelty free facility, which means we don’t test any product on animals and we ensure each of the ingredients we source are the same. We believe that preserving and protecting our environment, and those living in it, is up to us. We also use sustainable raw materials, biodegradable packaging and quality control measures to ensure consistency and safety. Don’t waste your time with products that don’t measure up.