Why Eco Friendly Skin Care is worth it

Why Eco-friendly Skin Care Is Worth It

More and more consumers are demanding their products be good for the earth.  For us, this includes implementing a recycling program, using recycled materials, using sustainably sourced ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and initiatives that give back to eco-friendly causes.

Why Should You Choose Eco-friendly Products?

What exactly does eco-friendly mean and why is it worth it? Eco-friendly products have a smaller “footprint” on the environment, and typically have more natural ingredients in them as well. The benefits of using them include:

  • It’s a Lifestyle: In addition to being better for our environment, eco-friendly skin care products are an important part of a holistic lifestyle. Anyone who values more natural ways of living can benefit from switching their skincare to eco-friendly.
  • Biodegradable Packaging: The overwhelming use of plastics in packaging skin care products leaves thousands of pounds of waste that sits in our landfills (or oceans) for decades. Eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging reduces those negative effects and allows for easy recycling of packaging materials.
  • It’s the Right Thing to Do!: Leaving a better planet for our children becomes more than just switching to a paper straw. Supporting eco-friendly companies like Mad Penguin can help us create a better world.